• A Typical Case •

“A typical case. However, people don’t think of themselves as typical cases.” – A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami. Before the strange man. Page 45.


• Without Colours, page 53 •

“Then I wanted to shower Ayl with presents, but nothing seemed to me worthy of her. I hunted for everything that was in some way detached from the uniform surface of the world, everything marked by a speckling, a strain. But I was soon forces to realize that Ayl and […]


• Mutations of Wanting, Page 229 •

“Tatyana nodded at the six. ‘Young love.’ Her voice had a serrated edge. ‘Wouldn’t you change places with them, if you could?’ ‘Why on earth woud I want to do that?’ ‘They look so fine, and young, and wrapped up in each other. Love is so fresh and clean at that […]

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• Overrated top 10 •

Three komma something years & 200 posts later, overratedenzo.nl is still going strong. In the beginning one post appeared everyday. These days you won’t find daily updates anymore, but you still can find new material every once in a while. To celebrate this milestone I selected 10 posts for you. #1 ORIGAMI INSTALLATION AT INTO THE WOODS […]


• Peculiar Quality, Page 439 •

“I have no resentment at all this, just a feeling that it’s all unreal and that the quality of the lake is smothered by the fact that it’s so pointed to. You point to something as having Quality and the Quality tends to go away. Quality is what you see […]


• A Short Dictionary of Misunderstood Words, Page 93 •

“LIGHT AND DARKNESS Living for Sabina meant seeing. Seeing is limited by two borders: strong light, which blinds, and total darkness. Perhaps that was what motivated Sabina’s distance for all extremism. Extremes mean borders beyond which life ends, and a passion for extremism, in art and in politics, is a […]


• Time Flies •

It takes some time but time flies: Why Time Flies > • Like many things • • Taking time • • Life is to short. Do things now. Agree on that (the least we can do is try) •


• Universiteit van Nederland •

universiteitvannederland.nl.  Voor de vrije kwartiertjes. 3 tips: • Prof. Dr. Erik Scherder & Neuropsychologe • • Prof. Dr. Henkjan Honing & Muziekcognitie • • Dr. Herman de Recht & Wetenschapsfilosofie •


• De coördinaten van haar moedervlekken •

“Soms heb je als schrijver een zin in je hoofd, een titel of zelfs een heel hoofdstuk. Maar heb je eigenlijk geen flauw idee waar je er precies mee heen wilt. Dan zet je datgene dat je in je hoofd hebt op papier, maar daarna stagneren de woorden vrijwel direct. […]