• Mutations of Wanting, Page 229 •

“Tatyana nodded at the six. ‘Young love.’ Her voice had a serrated edge. ‘Wouldn’t you change places with them, if you could?’ ‘Why on earth woud I want to do that?’ ‘They look so fine, and young, and wrapped up in each other. Love is so fresh and clean at that […]

Created by Suzanne Allegonda

So. What’s up with those category names?

Every weekday has it’s own category. The names are a mixture of Dutch and English. Quite confusing, I know. I had a lot of fun devising the categories, but generally it requires an explanation to understand. So here we go: the meaning of… ma&dear Ma = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘maandag’ [Monday] Dear = The idea […]

•denk&wo•, •di&myself•, •do&love•, •ma&dear•, •vr&uurtjes•, •za&muziek•, •zo&maar•, Created by Suzanne Allegonda

• Overrated top 10 •

Three komma something years & 200 posts later, overratedenzo.nl is still going strong. In the beginning one post appeared everyday. These days you won’t find daily updates anymore, but you still can find new material every once in a while. To celebrate this milestone I selected 10 posts for you. #1 ORIGAMI INSTALLATION AT INTO THE WOODS […]