Every weekday has it’s own category. The names are a mixture of Dutch and English. Quite confusing, I know. I had a lot of fun devising the categories, but generally it requires an explanation to understand. So here we go: the meaning of…

  • Ma = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘maandag’ [Monday]
  • Dear = The idea of using the deer as a returning object started on a after-hang at a friends place after a night with no sleep.
  • Ma&dear = best wordplay ever
  • Di = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘dinsdag’ [Tuesday]
  • DIMyself = I know. Usually it’s DIY. But you get my point. Everything in this category is created by me
  • Denk = ‘Think’ in Dutch.
  • Wo = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘woensdag’ [Wednesday]
  • Denkwo = (Unofficial) Abbreviation of ‘denkwolk’ [Thought Bubble]
  • So basically, this category contains things that should make you think longer then 2 seconds.
  • Do = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘donderdag’ [Thursday]
  • Do Love = 🙂
  • Vr = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘vrijdag’ [Friday]
  • Uurtjes = ‘Hours’ in Dutch
  • Vr Uurtjes = (Unofficial) Abbreviation of ‘vrije uurtjes’ [Free Hours]
  • This category mainly contains street photography or photo series.
  • Za = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘zaterdag’ [Saturday]
  • Muziek = ‘Music’ in Dutch.
  • You already can guess it. In this categories music is shared that caught my attention.
  • Zo = Abbreviation of the Dutch word ‘zondag’ [Sunday]
  • Zomaar = ‘Just’/’Randomly’ in Dutch
  • In this category you’ll find things from others that inspired me as books / poetry / websites / art projects etc.
  • Overrated = ‘overgewaardeerd’. Look with a small bit of irony to the small things in life. Let the world surprise you.
  • &zo = ‘enzo‘ in Dutch [etcetera] 



Three komma something years & 200 posts later, overratedenzo.nl is still going strong. In the beginning one post appeared everyday. These days you won’t find daily updates anymore, but you still can find new material every once in a while. To celebrate this milestone I selected 10 posts for you that are worth a read. Read more >>